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Third party manufacturing Company In India

Third party manufacturing company in India

Top Third Party Manufacturers In India

Third-party manufacturing is a profitable venture for both the pharma companies as well as for the manufacturing company. The pharma company gets time to relax and focus on its core business after getting the contract done with the third-party manufacturers in India who are specialists in their business. On the other hand, the third-party manufacturer gets the contract for long-term business which is a mutual deal in which both parties gets benefited.

What is third-party manufacturing in pharma?

Third-party manufacturers in India (often called contract manufacturing) are referred to as the outsourcing of pharmaceutical products or getting the products manufactured from other manufacturing units with your brand name. There is an agreement signed between the company and the manufacturing company to manufacture the products as per the contract. Thus, the process is also called contract manufacturing. The business world defines it as the creation of products by one firm under the name or brand of another firm.

Steps of Third-party manufacturing process

1. Prepare a list of desired products

The first step of the third-party manufacturing process is to prepare a detailed list of the products you want to be manufactured by a third-party manufacturing company.

2. Do your research 

After preparing the list of desired products, your next task is to find a list of suitable third-party manufacturers who have a good reputation and whom you can trust. Write to them by email or contact them by call and let them know about your requirements. Finalize the third-party manufacturer after discussing things related to price quotation, securities, the minimum quantity they manufacture, delivery schedule, mode of payment, packaging details, etc. Make a final deal with the manufacturer who meets your requirements in a written agreement before payment.

3. Finalize your order quantity and product composition

Pen down the required quantity and product composition to place your order to the selected third-party manufacturer.

4. Place your order

Finally, place the order to the selected manufacturer and make the partial advance payment.

5. Submit the required documents

Several documents are required to be submitted to the manufacturer such as company profile, director’s documents like Aadhar card and PAN card, manufacturing agreement, sales tax, TIN registration certificates, drug licenses, a certificate for non-resemblance.


As soon as your products will get manufactured, the manufacturer will send you a quotation which will contain several details of the products and the pending amount of the order. Once you will clear the pending amount of the payment, your products will be dispatched by the manufacturer. After that, you just need to get the formalities done such as signing and submitting the dispatch documents and you will receive your products.

Benefits of third party manufacturing Company In India

  • Time, energy, money, and resources of the pharma company are saved.
  • Managing own production house, maintenance of machinery, employing specialists, supervision, wages distribution is quite expensive and time-consuming.
  • The pharma company can concentrate on its core business as the manufacturing company will manufacture the required products as per the contract.
  • The pharma company gets high-quality products.
  • Top third-party manufacturers are experts and specialists in their business.

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