Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company In India

Top Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Company In India:Lezaa Biotech is a well-known name in the field of Third Party Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. Our expertise in Third Party Manufacturing helped us maintain a clientele base that is thoroughly satisfied with our services. We, Lezaa Biotech provide the best solution to its third party manufacturing clients as well as its franchisees to support them in launching their brands or even launching their own companies. 

We provide a wide array of innovative and highly effective Pharma formulations. Our high tech quality formulations make us The Best third party pharma manufacturing company In India. All the manufacturing pharma products are under the surveillance of our expert team. Our team of in-house experts includes a pharmacist, marketing and business professionals. Due to our experts, we have a benchmark in the health care center and become the best Contract Manufacturing Company in India.

With our constant efforts to deliver the best pharma drugs, we provide pharmaceuticals third party manufacturing of over 250 products like Injectable, dry, and third-party injection manufacturers, liquid syrups, dry syrups, tablets, Pediatric range, gel and sachet Capsules, etc. Our pharmaceutical contract manufacturing is done in GMP and ISO Certified plants. Moreover, we provide a wide range of promotional tools to our distributors in every possible way when it comes to offering marketing assistance.

Our large infrastructure facilitates the efficient production of huge bulks of superior quality products. To increased productivity we have segregated the company into various independent units headed by experts. These units are equipped with the latest technology that ensures the efficient design, production, quality analysis, and packaging of these products. On-Time Deliveries, Consistent Quality, and Low Costs make us the best among the pharmaceutical Third party manufacturing company in India.

Third Party Manufacturing Company in India


Lezaa Biotech Pharma provides services for pharmaceutical products including contract manufacturing, product formulation, packaging, labelling, and quality control.

Lezaa Biotech Pharma specializes in manufacturing a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, syrups, ointments, creams, and more.

Yes, Lezaa Biotech Pharma holds a licence from regulatory bodies and is a certified business that follows Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP).

Yes, Lezaa Biotech Pharma offers specialised formulation services that let customers create products that are specifically suited to their needs.

Yes, Lezaa Biotech Pharma provides complete packaging and labelling solutions to guarantee adherence to legal standards and satisfy client branding needs.

To guarantee the safety and effectiveness of its products, Lezaa Biotech Pharma adheres to strict quality control processes, which include routine testing, analysis, and adherence to quality assurance standards.

Yes, Lezaa Biotech Pharma is equipped with the knowledge and resources necessary to effectively manage large-scale manufacturing orders and satisfy client volume requirements.

Yes, Lezaa Biotech Pharma provides assistance in creating and submitting the required regulatory papers to ensure adherence to national and international laws.

In order to help clients enter the market smoothly, Lezaa Biotech Pharma may offer advice and support in navigating the product registration and licencing processes.

You can contact Lezaa Biotech Pharma by visiting our website ( and filling out the contact form or using the provided email or phone number for direct communication.


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